Illustration for article titled New NCAA Regulations Prohibit Student-Athletes From Studying More Than 30 Hours Per Week

INDIANAPOLIS—Hailing the importance of maintaining a proper balance between education and sports, the NCAA announced new regulations Friday prohibiting student-athletes from dedicating more than 30 hours each week to studying. “Effective immediately, student-athletes are restricted to engaging in academically-related activities for a maximum of four hours each day,” said NCAA president Mark Emmert, noting that the new “30/10-hour” rule limits the amount of time players may spend in classrooms, libraries, and other educational facilities to 30 hours per week during the semester and 10 hours per week over summer break. “Attending lectures, completing coursework, and seeking additional tutoring will all be counted toward the weekly cap, and individuals failing to abide by this new protocol will be required to scale back their hours until they are once again eligible to study.” Emmert added that any student-athlete found in violation of the new protocol could receive an indefinite ban from participating in all course examinations and final projects.


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