Illustration for article titled NFL Draft Prospect Sets Combine Record By Scrubbing Entire Social Media Presence In 17.64 Seconds

INDIANAPOLIS—Stunning scouts as he effortlessly cleared out years’ worth of troubling posts while barely breaking a sweat, top NFL draft prospect T.J. DeLuca set a combine record Friday by scrubbing his entire social media presence in 17.64 seconds. “I’ve never seen anything like this, everything from his thoughts on women to offensive Halloween costumes were wiped out in seconds,” said Jets scout Mike Cenzo, who noted that the social media purge is one of the most essential measurements of professional potential that the NFL combine offers. “He was absolutely flying through Twitter, expunging racial slurs and pictures of him doing drugs like it was second nature to him. He probably jumped 20 draft spots when he was able to clean out all those dick pics he sent to women in the first five seconds. There is no doubt that this guy has what it takes to succeed in the NFL.” At press time, DeLuca had dropped back down the draft board after posting a mediocre eight stumbles during the domestic abuse denial run.


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