NEW YORK‚ÄĒThe NFL announced Monday that its owners have voted to change the league's regular-season overtime rules, which now stipulate that games will be decided by whichever team is the first to make a really fucking awesome play. "The NFL is defined by the plays that are quite freaking exceptional, and our overtime rules should reflect that,"¬†said Commissioner Roger Goodell, going on to praise the sick-as-hell plays that decided games this January under new postseason overtime rules.¬†"If teams aren't willing to run a double reverse and complete a wild pass 50 yards down the field, or pitch the ball three times and break a bunch of tackles as part of a dazzling quarterback option, they're not going to win the game."¬†According to the new rules, kicking a field goal is a¬†"total wuss move"¬†that will not result in a win¬†"unless it ricochets off a guy's helmet before it goes in or something like that."