NEW YORK—In an effort to find a more constructive way to cost the other team yardage, the NFL asked pass rushers on Wednesday to seek amicable resolutions with opposing quarterbacks before resorting to a tackle. “Instead of immediately stooping to a violent hit, defensive ends and linebackers should take an empathetic stance and try talking the quarterback out of his attempt to throw the ball,” said NFL vice president of human resources Kim McFadden, adding that pass rushers should use “I statements” to keep quarterbacks from feeling threatened while defenders asserted their own feelings as to why the signal caller needs to take a knee and lose a down. “Tackling should always be the last choice when dealing with a quarterback intent on tossing a pass or running for a first down. If players cross the line of scrimmage with an open mind, make eye contact, and calmly present their case, I think they’ll find that most QBs are receptive to spiking the ball or throwing it away.” McFadden admitted that defenders may still be forced to take down their opponent, but should try to depersonalize the attack and limit destructive blows to the quarterback’s torso, neck, ankles, and head.


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