NFL Week 14 Winners And Losers

Onion Sports presents its winners and losers from the 14th week of the NFL season:


  • San Diego Chargers: San Diego’s beat-up offensive line displayed speed and athleticism while getting out of the way of Patriots pass rushers
  • New Orleans Saints: The Saints cemented their place as one of the best teams in the NFC South after a humiliating blowout loss to the Panthers
  • Jim Harbaugh: Despite a rough outing on Sunday, Harbaugh had to be pleased with what he saw from quarterback Derek Carr


  • J.J. Watt: Watt quickly ran out of small talk to make with Blake Bortles while sacking him
  • Peyton Manning: Broke streak of consecutive weeks in which everyone constantly drones on about how great he is
  • Drew Stanton: Stanton’s game-winning touchdown pass against the Chiefs ensures that the Cardinals losing control of the NFC West will go down to the wire

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