Onion Sports presents its winners and losers from the sixth week of the NFL season:


  • Lovie Smith: His Tampa Bay Buccaneers overcame all odds and did the impossible by making Joe Flacco look like an elite quarterback
  • Dallas Cowboys: The nation was given hope that it might actually get to see America’s Team implode in the playoffs for the first time since 2009
  • Richard Sherman: Sherman showed that he could hold his own while going step for step with Dez Bryant’s massive ego


  • Brian Hoyer: After leading a 31-10 blowout of the Steelers, Hoyer proved beyond a doubt that he doesn’t fit in with the Browns
  • Aaron Rodgers: The Packers’ franchise quarterback has now been reduced to mounting thrilling late-game comebacks against the fucking Dolphins
  • Rex Ryan: Ryan effectively silenced the critics who just don’t feel like piling on at this point

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