NHL Warns Hockey Fans That Banging On Glass Scares Players

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NEW YORK—In an effort to improve overall safety for both competitors and spectators, NHL officials issued a warning Friday to remind hockey fans that banging on the glass scares the players. “Fans attending games should refrain from pounding on the glass as it’s very disorienting and aggravating for hockey players and can even cause them to exhibit extremely violent behavior,” said commissioner Gary Bettman, explaining that the loud noises often confuse and irritate players who have been known to attack each other or injure themselves when smashing their massive bodies into the glass. “Remember, hockey players are incredibly aggressive and easily startled by the reverberations—we have no way of predicting how they will react. Fans should also avoid making direct eye contact as competitors will think they are being challenged, especially during playoff season.” Bettman added that fans should closely supervise their young children to ensure they don’t climb into the rink.


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