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TUSCALOOSA, AL—Speaking at a press conference Friday ahead of this weekend’s SEC Championship Game, Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban officially announced plans to wear a polo shirt featuring the University of Alabama logo during his team’s upcoming matchup with the Florida Gators. “I would like to confirm that during our conference title game tomorrow, I will be wearing a short-sleeve polo shirt, which will also have an ‘A’ embroidered on the left breast pocket,” said Saban, who further clarified that the “A” adorning the polo shirt will be the same script typeface, uppercase “A” as the University of Alabama logo. “I have not yet decided whether the polo shirt will be a white polo shirt or a crimson polo shirt, or whether the collar will be the same color as the rest of the shirt, but I can reveal at this time that the shirt will be tucked into khaki pants, which will be fastened by a brown belt. Thank you.” At press time, university officials had declined to comment on newly circulating rumors that Saban will opt to wear a white long-sleeve shirt under the Alabama polo shirt if it is chilly out on Saturday afternoon.

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