Illustration for article titled Nurse Tells Wheelchair-Bound, Concussed Rob Gronkowski He’s At The Super Bowl With All His Friends

ATLANTA—Shouting “touchdown!” while pushing the Patriots’ tight end along the sidelines, nurse Miranda Silva told a wheelchair-bound, concussed Rob Gronkowski Sunday that he was at the Super Bowl with all his friends. “Look, it’s your friend Tom! Your remember Tom, right? And Bill is here, too, Bill is your coach,” said Silva after placing a Nerf football and Gatorade in Gronkowski’s lap and wheeling him around to visit with various members of the Patriots. “Aren’t we having fun? It’s the Super Bowl! You love the Super Bowl. And isn’t that nice that everyone is cheering? They’re all cheering for you! Those people are your fans from when you would run around on the field. That was your favorite thing to do, remember?” At press time, Silva was informing a clapping Gronkowski that the players with the swirl on their helmet were actually the other team.


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