Illustration for article titled Ovechkin Shanks Slapshot Into Stands After Unruly Fan Coughs During Backswing

WASHINGTON—Criticizing the troublemaker for showing an utter lack of decorum, Alexander Ovechkin shanked a slapshot into the stands at Wednesday’s game against the Florida Panthers after an unruly fan coughed during his backswing. “It’s frustrating that some fans would disrespect the game of hockey by refusing to learn proper etiquette,” said the Washington captain, emphasizing that without silence, you can’t sink into the complete and total concentration it takes to deliver the puck on target to the back of the net. “That’s the fifth puck I’ve lost this season—it’s embarrassing. Hockey is supposed to be a gentleman’s game, but you have these fans who just want to get drunk and scream at the peak of your swing. Now I have to hit my next shot from the upper deck. When I get up there, I’m gonna make sure security throws his ass out.” At press time, Ovechkin was reprimanding Panthers defenseman Keith Yandle for not replacing the divot on the ice after shooting a one-timer.


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