Pee-Wee Hockey Player Wishes Dad Cared Enough To Fight At Games

BISMARCK, ND—Nine-year-old pee-wee hockey player Connor Griffin confirmed Thursday that he wishes his dad cared enough about him and his Falcons teammates to curse, threaten, or even physically assault other parents during games. “He cheers a lot, which I guess is okay, but he’s never once shouted swear words at other dads or told a referee he’d kick his teeth in,” said Griffin, expressing disappointment that his father never questions calls or goes out on the ice to attack an official or opposing coach. “It just makes me sad because most of the other kids’ dads will at least call the other team ‘little pieces of shit,’ and my dad just tells me I’m doing a good job.” Chuck Griffin, 42, told reporters that a children’s hockey game is not an appropriate place for such aggression, especially compared to his older son’s pee-wee football games, where punching another dad is more a part of the culture.


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