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MONTCLAIR, NJ—Midway through an impassioned argument with his wife Friday morning, Sports Illustrated writer Peter King reportedly came to the realization that the fight was actually about his disappointment in the Oakland Raiders’ lackluster roster moves this offseason. “Honey, I didn’t mean to snap at you like that—it’s just that I’m so frustrated that the Raiders front office isn’t willing to make the additions needed to put Oakland back into contention in the AFC West,” said the veteran columnist, adding that their altercation over whose turn it was to unload the dishwasher was just his way of conveying his resentment that the Raiders had signed a series of stopgap defensive players without making any effort to find a long-term solution to improve their pass rush. “I’m not angry at you, Ann. I’m angry at Mark Davis and the Raiders coaching staff for refusing to acknowledge that players like Lee Smith and Nate Allen just aren’t going to get this franchise any closer to snapping its 12-year playoff drought. Look, this free agency period has just been really stressful for me, and I’m sorry for taking that out on you. I love you—you know I love you.” King went on to assure his wife that he will never lose his temper the way he did during a particularly ugly incident in 1997, when several concerned neighbors reportedly called the police on the night the Bears announced they were trading a first-round draft pick to the Seahawks in exchange for quarterback Rick Mirer.


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