Philadelphia-Area Sports Psychologist Already Clearing Schedule For Mark Sanchez

PHILADELPHIA—Admitting that he will likely receive a call any day now from either the team or the player himself, local sports psychologist Nathan Finley told reporters Wednesday that he is preemptively clearing his schedule for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez. “I already started getting in touch with my regular patients to let them know I’ll have decreased availability over the next two or three months—I assume that’s when I’ll be busy trying to rebuild Sanchez’s confidence and assuring him that he’s a very capable player,” said Finley, adding that he just wants to be ready once Sanchez has a string of games with multiple interceptions and requires bi-weekly one-on-one meetings to regain his composure on the field. “Whether it’s next week or the week after, I’m guessing most of my office hours will be spent teaching Sanchez pre-performance breathing exercises and helping him set realistic goals for the season. But who knows, if he gets benched at some point over the next few games then I’ll probably be completely booked through the end of the year.” Finley added that he has also begun preparing exactly what to say to Sanchez once the Eagles decide against extending his one-year contract at the end of the season.


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