Prince William Fells Prince Willem-Alexander Of The Netherlands In Crucial Joust

CHELTENHAM, ENGLAND—In a resounding display of horsemanship, lancemanship, and puissance that marked both his first major tournament success and a great victory on the international stage for the British crown, the gallant English Prince William did mightily unseat Prince Willem- Alexander of the Netherlands in combat at the Cheltenham Jousts this Sunday week.

The valiant Prince William triumphant in victory.
The valiant Prince William triumphant in victory.

The prince, his aspect as always noble and his armour brightly agleam, did strike his gentleman-foe the Prince of Orange with a single shivering blow to the very center of his greatshield, all glory be to God, ensuring, as well, a victory in global currency exchange.

“Alack! I am bested, and fall heavy to the ground, and must therefore renegotiate the terms of special exchange between our nations when managing debts that predate conversion to the new EU standard,” quoth Willem-Alexander as he tumbled from his steed, acknowledging his opponent the better man and meeting his fate with honour. “In sooth, a rate of 1.75 euros to the pound is more than fair, with interest compounding from the date of this match forward, so mighty is the stroke that undoes me.”

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Magnanimous in victory, as befits the heir to the Throne of All England, Prince William did forsake the cries of bloodlust from the lower galleries, granting the Dutch prince the boon of his life and demanding in return only a 4.5 percent increase in durable-goods tariffs on imports from the Netherlands and her subject nations.

“Hear me, O Britain!” exclaimed His Royal Highness, whose voice was heard to peal forth from the lists as thunder from great mountain-height, ringing in every corner of that green and pleasant land, as well as on BBC Two and internationally on ESPN, garnering a nod of approval from the Queen, who gazed on regally from the royal box. “This man hath proven himself worthy of our mercy. For to fall in joust before the Crown Prince of England—the very herald of God on Earth—is no shame; nor would I call foeman any prince who hath the strength to acknowledge Jesus as his Saviour and to hold inflation to a stunningly low 1.3 percent. Therefore I spare his life, and call my noble cousin mere cousin no more, but brother, in hopes our fair nations may find brotherhood indeed.”

And ‘spite a fortnight full of tragic news that wicked Fate had split the comely pair, the noble Prince William did grant a victory nosegay to his former love, the beauteous Kate Middleton, who with wet and melancholy eye did the prince’s gaze avoid, as befits a commoner.


“Hail to the crown prince of our fair isles, hail!” said Herald-Royal Anthony the Blair, Grand Vizier of the Realm, Prime Minister of All Britain, and Officiary of the Games, upon presenting Prince William with the Cheltenham Tournament Virgin Atlantic Trophy. “For he has made the doughty enemy void his saddle, and hight him upon his very fud; and many a rude and glorious tale shall be of this day’s deeds retold.”

“Such feats of brawn and bravery have we scarce beheld since Prince’s father, Charles of Wales, did ride forth in errantry, and did in single combat meet, and unhorsing humiliate, sundry knights of the Falkland Islands,” added Blair with a hearty heavenward thrust of his gauntled fist.


Upon being relieved of his helm, breastplate, and greaves by his trusty squires the Minister of State for Trade and Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Netherlands, the prince did declare a feast day and order the roasting of a fatted ox. The beast was shared out in equal parts among all freedmen in attendance, and small beer and brown ale was given forth in full fair measure. A fine and merry bawd did last until the rising of Tuesday’s sun brought forth the cock’s cry, heralding once again a round of bold and robust trading on the London Stock Exchange, so well delighted and put at ease by the day’s events Albion’s investors were.

Also late from the Netherlands came grave tidings that Prince Willem-Alexander hath suffered wounds diverse and mortal, and that he ails sick abed i’the Amsterdam Medical Center, where doctors are struggling with all their art against profuse hemmorhaging cerebral and abdominal.


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