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TAMPA, FL—Keeping a close eye on the analyst during a taping of Baseball Tonight, sources confirmed Friday that ESPN producers have been carefully monitoring Buster Olney’s question count to ensure that the veteran MLB columnist avoids overexerting himself before the season. “It’s only spring training and we want to bring him along slowly, so we’re placing a firm limit on the number of questions he can ask after every game,” said ESPN producer Gus Ramsey, adding that the network’s program for gradually increasing Olney’s question cap is designed to keep him fresh for the grueling seven-month season ahead. “We’ve been working with Buster to get him to adjust his inquiring mechanics so he can be more fluid and natural out there. So far, though, he keeps blowing through his questions and exhausting his count right away, and we end up having to pull him pretty quickly.” At press time, increasing concerns about Olney’s ability to conduct interviews in back-to-back nightly broadcasts were leading producers to consider shutting him down until after the All-Star break.


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