TORONTO—In an attempt to more favorably arrange his team's schedule for the next week, Raptors forward Chris Bosh called fellow NBA player LeBron James to see if James' Cavaliers would come over and play in Toronto instead of holding the scheduled game "all the way out there in Cleveland." "It just seems like every time our teams match up, we always go to your place," said Bosh, responding to James' insistence that it was in fact Cleveland's turn to host. "C'mon, you know we never have any fun there, and plus our locker rooms are way cooler." Both players agreed that, whatever they decided, nobody ever wanted to have another game at the Fedex Forum in Memphis, which is "way creepy" due to all the cats, the moldy stacks of newspapers, and the way Grizzlies'  owner Michael Heisley spends the game sitting in a rocking chair in the luxury box wearing only sweatpants and holding his shotgun.

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