Illustration for article titled Regretful ‘The Last Dance’ Producers Realize They Probably Should’ve Tried To Interview Michael Jordan

BRISTOL, CT—Kicking themselves for spacing on what would have been an integral part of the documentary, the regretful producers of the ’98 Chicago Bulls documentary The Last Dance realized Friday they probably should have tried to interview Michael Jordan. “Fuck, I don’t know why we didn’t even think of this, he probably would have had some pretty good anecdotes to share about the season,” said producer Michael Tollin, who admitted that while asking Phil Jackson about what it was like to coach Toni Kukoc was interesting, he probably would have had some insight into the mindset of 14-time All-Star as well. “We have, like, 10 hours of Ron Harper and Luc Longley. Then someone told me they were excited about hearing from Jordan, and I was like, ‘Dammit, why didn’t I think of that?’ I shouldn’t have spent all that time trying to track down Obama—he didn’t know shit about what it was like inside the locker room.” At press time, Tollin was scrambling after the NBA threatened to sue him over unauthorized use of game footage.

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