Report: Cavaliers Players Having Issues Gelling During Postgame Celebrations

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CLEVELAND—Saying that they still appear disjointed and unsure of themselves, sources within the Cleveland Cavaliers organization revealed Thursday that players are having significant issues gelling during postgame celebrations. “Right now the effort and intensity are definitely there, but we’re having a hard time getting everybody on the court in sync after a 30-point blowout,” said an anonymous team source, noting that although individual performances have often been stellar, the group lacks the rhythm and fluidity of a team that knows everyone’s exact role while giving high-fives and congratulating one another on another commanding win. “LeBron recognizes that he has to occasionally just take control of the situation and give a light-hearted postgame interview praising his team’s dominance over the opposition. At the same time, Kevin Love still has a long way to go to adapt to this team’s celebration style, and role players need to come off the bench and do more to cheer for their teammates after the final buzzer. I would say it’s definitely a work in progress.” Locker room sources expressed confidence, however, that the team has enough time to develop the chemistry needed to eventually put together a great NBA championship parade by June.


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