Report: Jets Players Lied About Concussion Symptoms To Get Out Of Games

NEW YORK—Bringing further attention to the NFL’s ongoing struggles with head-trauma-related issues, an anonymous survey published Thursday by ESPN revealed that multiple players from the New York Jets lied about suffering from concussion symptoms to get out of games this season. “Of 43 Jets players surveyed, over 30 admitted to having actively misled sideline doctors by complaining of severe nausea and blinding headaches in order to avoid going back out on the field,” said ESPN reporter Evan Thompson, adding that several players confessed to feigning a momentary loss of consciousness after a jarring hit so they could remain on the sideline for the rest of the game. “Among players who admitted to lying to coaches and team doctors, almost all claimed to having done so more than once over the course of this season, with many going to incredible lengths to stay in the locker room during games against a division rival. Most worrying, however, is that when asked if they would do it again, every player unanimously said yes.” The report’s findings also indicated that, despite their best efforts, every Jets player in question was forced to retake the field and finish the game anyway.


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