Rick Pitino Likes What He’s Seeing From Freshman Louisville Cheerleader

SEATTLE—Praising her incredible physique and wide array of intangible qualities, Louisville men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino told reporters Friday that he has absolutely loved what he’s seen thus far from freshman cheerleader Danielle Crawley. “Right now she’s a little raw, but give her time to develop and I think she’ll really turn some heads,” said Pitino, adding that the 19-year-old is already starting to remind him of some of the all-time greats he’s had the pleasure of watching come through the Louisville cheerleading program for more than a decade. “Assuming Danielle sticks around for all four years, we might have something truly special on our hands. She’s young, but when I think of all she could be capable of—well, it’s hard not to get excited just thinking about it.” Pitino added that Crawley is certainly living up to the potential he saw during the handful of her high school games he attended last year.


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