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ATLANTA—Calling the correspondence enlightening and a “window into his mind,” Rams head coach Sean McVay told reporters Tuesday that Bill Belichick occasionally texted him photos of dead animals after regular season games. “It’s always great when a legend like coach Belichick reaches out to you with a picture of a disemboweled cow,” said the 33-year-old signal caller, describing an encouraging message Belichick sent him after the Rams dropped back-to-back games, which featured a passage from The Satanic Bible along with practical advice on how to properly hex opponents. “We can all use some positive reinforcement, and I’m really grateful that he took the time to share close-up photos of people suffering from the bubonic plague. One time, he just sent me a video of a pool of blood. It’s flattering to know that he sees a little bit of himself in me—I’ve tried my best incorporate his words of wisdom into my coaching process.” At press time, McVay had taken to social media to share a “really goofy” screenshot of a text message in which Belichick posed in front of the Cambodian Killing Fields.


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