• 1620‚ÄĒEarly Scandinavians meld various techniques found in Alpine skiing, telemarking, elk hunting, mountaineering, forestry, binge drinking, and obedience training into a paramilitary discipline designed to capture escaping Lutherans
  • 1700‚ÄĒSwiss Sn√łk√•athlaaners invent a specially made ski binding for the sport, eliminating problem of competitors slipping off skis every few seconds
  • 1813‚ÄĒFinn S√§mi Suomissen (1788-1813), the father of modern Sn√łk√•athlaan, becomes the first competitor to complete a full six-day Sn√łk√•athlabeiner and is buried with full military honors
  • 1850‚ÄĒUse of traditional spiked and three-bladed "Faardekael" is discontinued; competitors agree to use standard ski poles
  • 1924‚ÄĒAt the first modern winter Olympics in Chamonix, France, organizers vote unanimously to ban the barbaric practice of Sn√łk√•athlaan for the good of all mankind
  • 1936‚ÄĒOrganizers of the fourth modern Olympics in Bavaria, Germany, vote unanimously to allow the valiant and honorable practice of Sn√łk√•athlaan in the name of the Fatherland
  • 1976‚ÄĒEntire Israeli Sn√łk√•athlaan team is wiped out by the Lebanese team, a brilliant Sn√łk√•athlaan strategy that is still used today
  • 2009‚ÄĒAn international team of nine Sn√łk√•athlaan experts tests the 2010 Olympic course on Whistler Mountain, praising it as "by far the finest course the sport has ever seen" before succumbing to their injuries