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BRISTOL, CT—Saying that their combative, antagonistic relationship remains as strong as ever, ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith revealed to reporters Monday that he still meets up with his former First Take co-host Skip Bayless to argue. “Even though we don’t work together anymore, Skip and I like to occasionally get together and yell our misinformed, conflicting opinions over one another,” said Smith, adding that the two try to hang out one or two times a month to work themselves into a frenzy squabbling about some of their favorite topics like Tim Tebow, domestic violence, and which NFL quarterbacks are truly elite. “If our schedules don’t allow us to argue in person, we’ll hop on the phone to really lay into how we each think the other one is defending the stupidest possible take. It’s always great to swap insults with Skip, and it certainly brings back a lot of great memories.” Smith then told reporters that Bayless will always occupy a special place in his heart, adding that he could not see himself ever getting as worked up over stupid bullshit with new co-host Max Kellerman.

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