Teams To Watch In The 2015 NCAA Tournament

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March Madness has finally returned, with the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament set to tip off on Thursday. Onion Sports previews the 10 teams to watch in this year’s Big Dance.

  • Kentucky: As the tournament’s No. 1 overall seed, the Wildcats are well positioned to make a big splash in this year’s NCAA investigation
  • Ohio State: All eyes will be on must-watch NBA prospect D’Angelo Russell as, in a macabre dance, he plays out the string on his fleeting final moments before being drafted by the Knicks
  • Southern Methodist University: This year’s Mustangs have been praised by coach Larry Brown as one of the teams that has least made him want to give up coaching basketball forever
  • Providence: Scrappy players still maintain a chip on their shoulder after being overlooked by the big-time Rhode Island basketball programs
  • Villanova: History dictates that at least one 1 seed will beat a 16 seed in the NCAA Tournament
  • Virginia Commonwealth University: VCU is 12-3 against the spread in its last 15 tournament games, which is exactly the type of statistic that makes March Madness such a nonstop thrill ride
  • Oklahoma: OU players will be hoping to heal a campus grappling with racial intolerance by winning multiple basketball games in a row
  • Hampton: Following their dominant win over Manhattan College, the Pirates are in prime position to enjoy all of the shopping, sightseeing, and fine dining that Louisville has to offer
  • Wyoming: The Cowboys could show the whole country that you don’t need to pay a coach millions of dollars a season to be decimated by the University of Northern Iowa in the first round
  • Notre Dame: This year’s ACC Tournament winners will give their school a great chance to finally hang a national championship banner from their cathedral’s rafters

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