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SAN ANTONIO—Explaining that it significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and promotes healthier metabolism, Spurs power forward Tim Duncan reportedly spent the majority of practice Wednesday extolling the numerous benefits of switching to a standing bench. “You can still watch the game, cheer for the team, and do everything else you normally do, but it’s so much healthier than sitting,” said Duncan, adding that players who use a traditional bench are far less productive while setting screens on the perimeter or getting down the floor during a fast break. “Sitting for 20 or 30 minutes every game really adds up over the season, and it could end up shortening your career by years. You’d be amazed at how much of a difference standing can even make to your general energy level, especially if you’re someone who tends to sit for long stretches of a half without ever getting up to sub in.” Duncan also urged head coach Gregg Popovich to always use a gel anti-fatigue mat, stressing the importance of providing sturdy, cushioned support for the feet and knees when drawing up plays during a timeout.

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