Top Prospects Of The 2017 NBA Draft

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Lonzo Ball

Landing with his hometown Lakers would make it easier for his father to explain attending every game

Markelle Fultz

Possesses the combination of court vision and unintrusive parents teams want in a modern point guard


Malik Monk

Silenced critics when he offered to take a pay cut to leave Kentucky for the NBA

Frank Ntilikina

The 18-year-old point guard for the French team Strasbourg IG impressed the Knicks with his descriptions of a professional basketball organization

Josh Jackson

NBA teams are confident Jackson has fully distanced himself from those in his life he might violently threaten


Harry Giles

The Duke forward’s impressive 87-inch wingspan expands to 98 inches when threatened by apex predators


Dennis Smith

Scouts love his upside, though they’re not so crazy about his downside

Terrance Ferguson

After spending a season in Australia, he’ll need to kick his habit of performing windmill dunks in a counterclockwise motion


Jayson Tatum

This kid seems like he could be pretty good, but who really knows with this kind of stuff


De’Aaron Fox

At 170 pounds, the 19-year-old is the only person in Kentucky who needs to put on more weight


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