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ARLINGTON, VA—In recognition of the brave and altruistic Americans who risk their health and safety for the greater good, Pentagon officials announced Thursday that the U.S. military would honor the sacrifices of NFL players by wearing their jerseys throughout December. “Every week, these men are out there on the gridiron, putting their bodies on the line for our country. Having our soldiers wear these jerseys and caps is the least we can do to show our support,” said Pentagon spokesperson Robert D’Amato, who announced that all active-duty soldiers would be sporting gear from all 32 teams to raise awareness of the people who put their lives aside to preserve the American way of life. “These men leave their homes and their families and travel to cities across the country to uphold our nation’s traditions. They are battered and bruised for years, their lives often cut short while we sit back in our barracks and enjoy our freedom. Some of them are never the same after they end their service, and yet we take them for granted. Hopefully, this small gesture shows that the soldiers and officers of the U.S. military know who the true heroes really are.”

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