MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Saying the rookie running back was merely “working through something,” members of the Minnesota Vikings coaching staff told reporters Tuesday that they are not going to panic over a flickering Dalvin Cook. “Yeah, we’ve been seeing Dalvin blinking in and out of sight a few times, but we’re not really concerned,” said offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, confirming rumors that the starting tailback had been spotted fluttering in and out of the visible spectrum after their last game, but that trainers had cleared him to participate in all team activities this week. “Today, he quickly disappeared for a brief second before flashing back into sight, but we asked him about it and he said he was fine. We’re keeping it on our radar, and we’ll give [running back] Latavius [Murray] some extra reps this week just in case, but we’re confident Dalvin’s going to be 100 percent on Sunday.” Shurmur then added it would be premature to rule out Stefon Diggs for Sunday’s game after the wide receiver dissolved into a gaseous ball.


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