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WASHINGTON—Ahead of the highly anticipated Summer Olympics in Rio, millions of weary and emotionally exhausted Americans expressed excitement Friday at getting the chance to watch the socio-political failings of another country for two weeks. “After spending pretty much every day being confronted by growing income inequality and political corruption here at home, it’ll be kind of nice to turn on the TV and watch another country fall apart at the seams for a little while,” said 36-year-old Philadelphia resident Greg Thatcher, echoing the sentiments of Americans across the country who confirmed that they are looking forward to the next 16 days of viewing a different nation crippled by failing schools, inadequate health care, and a crumbling transportation infrastructure. “Seeing the U.K. collapse in on itself from inept leadership and government infighting was nice, but that only lasted for a few days. Now, we have a good two weeks ahead of us to watch a democratic society other than ours fracture at every level and drive itself into total ruin. I can’t wait.” Many Americans also confirmed that they are already looking forward to a full month of watching the decline of a different global superpower during the 2018 World Cup in Russia.


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