Wes Welker Fielding Offers From Numerous Concussion Researchers

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DENVER—Saying that it’s a decision he needs to carefully consider and ultimately make together with his family, free agent wide receiver Wes Welker confirmed Thursday that he is currently fielding promising offers from a number of concussion researchers. “I’ve been in contact with quite a few research teams that have shown a lot of interest in bringing me in,” said Welker, adding that he had already held private face-to-face meetings with various medical staffs and toured the facilities at several of the country’s top brain trauma centers. “Ideally, I’d like to head back to New England—that’s where I’m most comfortable, and I’m already very familiar with the concussion doctors there. Some of these research programs are really insistent, though, and are more or less begging that I come to them as soon as possible. It’s all very flattering, but at the end of the day, I want to be surrounded by the absolute best, most talented group of specialists possible.” At press time, Welker had reportedly turned down an offer to return to Denver, where he would have most likely had to share time on the examination table with Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.