Witnesses To Gordon Hayward Injury Continuing Long Road To Recovery

BOSTON, MA—Witnesses to Gordon Hayward’s gruesome injury are slowly continuing their long road to recovery, sources confirmed Tuesday. “After seeing an injury like that, we thought a lot of these people would never be able to watch basketball again,” said sports therapist Richard O’Malley, citing the severe damage to the psyches of those who cringed at the sight of Gordon’s broken leg. “We don’t want to rush them back too quickly or before they’re ready, because there’s nothing worse than watching the game of basketball scared. But they’re progressing nicely, and by this time next year they may very well be suiting up in their Kevin McHale jerseys ready to watch a full 48 minutes.” O’Malley added that it is possible those who saw the broken leg may actually return to the game mentally stronger as a result of their rehabilitation.


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